3X3X3 Golf Driving Net


Size : 3m x 3m x 3m

*Gratis pemasangan dan pengiriman untuk wilayah DKI Jakarta dan sekitarnya, silahkan chat kami untuk pengaturan pemesanan.


Constructed out of 33-ply-high quality material net. Able to withstand balls hit by driver/wood (Covered by warranty). Heavy duty Steel Frame.

Safety pole design

Each pole is equipped with shock absorber cushion to avoid accidental rebound to user

Effective Design

Equipped with a driving target and extra net to maximize your accuracy and absorb the ball

Included in the package :

1 3x3x3  Golf Driving Net
1 Set of frame structure
1 Set of frame cushion
1 Driving target & net

Produk ini bergaransi. Syarat dan ketentuan berlaku.

Out of stock

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